Advisory Board

The advisory board is a volunteer group of outside Cybersecurity and Technology experts that give advice and support to the Board of Directors and Executive Team of BlackGirlsHack. Whereas the Board of Directors is charged with the day-to-day operations and decisions for the organization, the Advisory Board serves to help direct the strategic mission, direction, and longevity of the organization. The advisory board has no fiduciary duty to the organization outside of directing, mentoring and advising the Executive Director and Executive leadership team on the organization’s way forward.  As BlackGirlsHack continues to grow, the advisory board will help to enhance the organization’s credibility and expand the organization’s networking contacts.

Eric Belardo, BGH Foundation Advisory Board

Eric is a US ARMY Military Intelligence Veteran of Bosnia and Kosovo with NATO; Eric Brings over 30 years of Cyber Security & Online Safety Experience across many industry domains including Civilian Government, Department of Defense, International, Financial, and Civilian markets. Where he has supported organizations in strategic direction, program assessments, remediation and monitoring, intelligence services (VIP & High Value individuals), and Security Risk Mitigation and Security Education.

Eric’s experience in the cyber security field encompasses the areas of Security Operations, Incident Response, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, Digital Forensics, Certification and Accreditation, Enterprise Security Architecture, and Security in Mergers & Acquisitions in over 20 Countries.

Eric Founded Raices cyber org in 2021, a non-profit foundation to support Hispanics, latinos, Latinas and latinX in the field of Cyber Security.

Eric is a sought after speaker on TV and in person, having performed keynote speeches/ webinars and many YouTube Videos and Livestreams

Staci Hill Okine, BGH Foundation Advisory Board

An award-winning systems engineering senior leader with two decades of sales engineering and cybersecurity experience, Staci Hill Okine exemplifies a confident mix of technical acumen, leadership excellence and ability to create elite teams and inclusive culture where people thrive. Staci currently serves as the US Commercial Director of Systems Engineering at Palo Alto Networks.

With a strong conviction for investing in people and nurturing tomorrow’s leaders, throughout her career Staci has coached, mentored, sponsored many women and underrepresented minorities in STEM. In her community, Staci volunteers with Ohio Cyber Women introducing young girls to cybersecurity, is a member of the Central Ohio Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), the New Albany Women’s network, and serves on the planning committee of the New Albany African American Parents Network.
Staci holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Spelman College and a Master
of Science in Telecommunications from the University of Pittsburgh. She was the first Black female systems engineering director at Cisco.

Charles Shirer, BGH Foundation Advisory Board

Charles has 20 years of overall IT experience with the last 8 years in Information Security performing web application, network, and wireless penetration Tests, PTH(Proactive Threat Hunting) and Security Research. In his spare time Charles plays retro video games, programs in the rust programming language, He also works on the SECBSD open source project which is a penetration testing distro based on the OpenBsd Operating System, Works as Staff at several Security Conferences, runs a Podcast and enjoys helping others whenever possible. Charles is well known in the security space as bsdbandit.