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SquadCon is a 2 day conference that seeks to bring inclusivity to the cybersecurity landscape. It is a space to discuss issues affecting the industry's others and is a space for hackers of all skill levels. SquadCon will include talks, workshops, discussions, fireside talks and panels to move towards our mission of improving diversity in ethical hacking. GHV presents SquadCon will be an independent conference event in Las Vegas during Hacker Summer Camp scheduled for August 7-8tth. Tickets are on sale on Events Page.
Goal: $150,000.00
Collected: $5,000.00

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  • Do I have to be Black or do I have to be a Woman to participate in your services, study groups, workshops, or to volunteer?

Answer: No, BGH Foundation, and all of its programs are open to all unless specified by a specific donor for a specific program, scholarship, or opportunity.

  • How do I join your workshops or events?

    Answer: BGH Membership (Paid or Free) is required to join our events. Sign up at BGH.mobi/join. You must complete a membership application AND join teams bgh.mobi/teams to participate in our events.

    • How do I become a member?

        Answer: BGH Membership (Paid or Free)is available at bgh.mobi/Join or Sign up at BGH.mobi/join. You must complete a membership application AND join teams bgh.mobi/teams to participate in our events.

        • How do I volunteer?

              Answer: BGH Volunteers can sign up at BlackGirlsHack.org/Volunteer, Click the link under our Contact Us for Volunteering, Find positions in our Job Board below, or sign up in Teams. BGH Volunteers are required to spend 15 hours a month doing BGH business. An NDA, Volunteer Handbook Agreement, and Background Check (conducted via Checkr) are required to become a volunteer. Leadership positions additionally require paid membership. 

              • How do I upgrade from a free to a paid member account?

                      Answer: Go to BlackGirlsHack.org/shop and purchase a 1 year membership. Once you have completed payment email info@blackgirlshack.org with the subject "Membership Upgrade" to be changed in the website and added to Project BRAIN in Teams.

                      • I paid for membership, when can I expect my application to be approved?

                              Answer: BGH paid memberships are approved on Sundays. Once your account has been approved please send an email to info@blackgirlshack.org with the subject "Paid BRAIN member - Add in Teams"

                              • I'm a paid member, how do I access my member benefits and certification discounts?

                                        Answer:  When you are logged into your website account as a paid member you will see a Project BRAIN Membership benefits link in the MEMBERSHIP menu item. This provides links to sign up or information about how to use your member benefits. There is ALSO a Project BRAIN private channel in teams that you should be added to. If you cannot see it please email info@blackgirlshack.org with the subject "Missing Project BRAIN Membership Benefits"


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