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BlackGirlsHack Defcon Raffle – WithOUT Roomate

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Purchases are non refundable. Purchasers will be entered in a random drawing on 6/26/2021. A kind human has donated a ticket to defcon to one of the squad. Their only condition is that the person attend in person. We are raffling off the ticket and half of the proceeds will go towards helping to offset the travel costs for the winner. A random winner will be selected on 6/26/2021. Winner MUST be willing to attend defcon 29 conference in person and be a member of the BIPOC community. We are raising funds for 20 people to go to DefCon. This is a raffle ticket to be considered for entry for the spots we are able to raise funds for. This ticket is nonrefundable and includes 1500 towards flight, hotel, and defcon ticket without a roommate. Proceeds from the raffle ticket go towards travel funds.
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