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What Can I Do?

September 04, 2020 6:00 PM | Anonymous

My background is in Computer Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering to be exact. I have worked the last 10-15 years in Quality Assurance performing system audits, software testing, writing documentation including test plans and test scripts, and identifying levels of risk within the organizations I have supported. While it was easy for me to pen point the required tasks that I performed to support my task of getting a Project Management Professional certification, I found it a bit more difficult to identify tasks that I performed specifically within the Cyber Security space. That task is made a bit easier by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) SP 1800-181 NICE Framework. The NICE framework identifies tasks that are frequently included as being part of a cyber security work role. Advise senior management on risk levels and security posture for example (T0003) is an integral part of being a Privacy Officer or Privacy Compliance Officer, an Information System Security Manager and a Communications Security Manager three highly sought after roles within the Cyber security space. Through this resource I am able to translate the skills that I have been doing for years, into demonstrated work experience to support the shiny new Cyber security job I want. Once you have identified your Cyber experience you can provide specific examples of times you had to advise on risk or update your resume to target your career change. If you don’t have the skills for the target job you’ve identified in the Cyber security field you can see what type of experience you need to get in the door. Black Girls Hack will be tying the NICE Framework with the Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational outlook to provide What Can I Do cheat sheets that show various job categories within Cyber and what you need to do to get in those jobs.

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