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They don’t make that kind of money in my area!

September 06, 2020 5:59 PM | Anonymous

The same way that minimum wage varies by state (despite a federal minimum), people in different areas can make more or less money doing the same jobs. For Information and Security Analysts, there are a wide variety of industries and geographical variations that go into the average salary. The industries with the highest concentration of Information Security Analysts are Financial, Computer Services, Data Processing, Telecommunications, and Enterprise Management. You may find it interesting that although those are the highest concentration of Information System Security Analysts as recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2019, the industries with the top pay are completely different. While the job description and duties may stay the same, not all industries value Analysts the same way. Similarly, pay discrepancies may also vary based on Location.

As the BLS shows, variations in wages differ not only by industry but by location. Information Analysts get paid more in New York and New Jersey than they do in Virginia and California.

This information has implications for your job search. Once you’ve decided to become a Information Security Analyst, decisions such as industry and location can affect how much you can get paid. If you have flexibility in terms of your location selecting industries that value the role can result in much higher salaries over time.

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