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World Domination – Linux

September 26, 2020 5:25 PM | Anonymous

If you’re interested in ethical hacking and penetration testing in general, much of the practice and home lab set up includes setting up various Linux machines and using them to practice your scanning, enumeration, hosts, ports, services, and vulnerabilities exercises are done with Linux machines. To set up a Kali machine which is at the beginning of many home lab set up guides, you need to put it on a Linux machine. Also, many of the tools you will find yourself using are command line tools and many commands do not work the same in Windows as they do in Linux. This is why if you’re interesting in pursuing a career involving ethical hacking that it is important that Linux be on your world domination plan and why its a refresher on mine.

I used to be well versed in Linux in undergrad but haven’t really had to use it since then except in vms that I was putting together for my home lab. Part of this effort for me is Linux specifically, and part of it is just an overall command line refresher. Either way, this is one of those topics that I have an abundance of resources, many of which are free or cheap.

  • Codecademy (Command Line Refresher)
  • TryHackMe (Learn Linux Box)
  • Comptia Linux + Study Guide and Practice Tests
  • Udemy Linux
  • Udemy Linux Privilege Escalation
  • Pearson Advance Linux
  • Edx Introduction to Linux
  • Easy Linux for Beginners (Humble)
  • Linux Command Line (Humble)
  • 101 Linux Labs (Free on Kindle Plus)
  • How Linux World (Humble)
  • Linux Pocket Guide (Humble)
  • ITPRO Linux Essentials
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