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What Can I Do? Web Developers

September 27, 2020 5:24 PM | Anonymous

Web developers design, create and maintain websites [1].

Entry Level Education – Associate’s degree

2019 Median Pay – $73,760 ($35.46/hr)

Job outlook 8%

What they do: Web developers design, create and maintain websites. They can work in design, publishing, management consulting or advertising to name a few.  

Where do I start: Learn HTTP, Javascript and CSS.

Where do they fall in the NIST[2] – T0195 Provide a managed flow of relevant information (via web-based portals) , T0380 Plan instructional strategies such as web-based courses T0601 Collaborate with other team members to develop a diverse program of information materials (e.g web pages) are all tasks identified in the NICE Framework. These skills can be used by Cyber Instructional Curriculum Developers



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