BlackGirlsHack offers the following Workshops (All times are EST): Check out for next available dates

Bring A Hacker To Work Day – Our day in the life series which exposes the squad to new areas of cybersecurity each week. Sundays at 2pm. Sign-up at

Friday Night Labs – Our hands on lab skills which provides beginner friendly labs using HackTheBox, HackerOne, TryHackMe and Defend the Web. Sign-up at

Ethical Hacking… Explained…Slow w/ Professor Roger – Think Friday Night Labs, but slower. Beginner Friendly, come with questions. Sign-up at

Wireshark Network Analysis Study Group – Learn Wireshark and how you can get certified as a Wireshark Network Analyst. Sundays from 7-9pm EST. Sign-up at

Security+ Study Group with Khayla – Join us weekly, from 7-9pm EST. Sign-up at

Intro to Capture The Flag – Got to catch them All. Intro to CTF is our beginner friendly interactive Capture the Flag primer that teaches capture the flag approach and skills for flag catching domination. Sign-up at