CEH Study Group with Code Switch Crew

Black Girls Hack is offering a free CEH study group which will be an immersive 15 week program that will be covering the 7 domains of the CEH Ethical Hacking Exam currently at version 10. We will be using the Shawn Walker All In 1 and RicMessier CEHv10 Study Guide books. Week 1 will be covering the following:

Network and Communication Technologies

  • Networking technologies (e.g., hardware, infrastructure)
  • Web technologies (e.g., web 2.0, skype)
  • Systems technologies
  • Communication protocols
  • Telecommunication technologies
  • Mobile technologies (e.g., smartphones)
  • Wireless terminologies
  • Cloud computing Cloud deployment models

Sign up for the study group is on meetup.com search for Black Girls Hack group or find the link at linktr.ee/tennisha

World Domination Plan – CEH

Today’s world domination plan topic is Ethical Hacking. I’ve been fake studying for this forever. (maybe your judgement will lead to motivation, bring it on). Out of all the things Cyber I learn about, I’m most interested in Ethical Hacking so I spend a lot of time on EH related things. I’ve got a lot of resources (and enthusiasm) on this topic so here goes.

  • Matt Walker’s All In One CEH Exam Guide
  • Pentester Labs
  • Udemy CEH Exam Questions
  • Udemy Penetration Testing
  • Udemy (Linux and Windows Privilege Escalation)
  • Udemy Advanced White Hat Hacking
  • ITPro.tv CEH
  • tryhackme
  • hackthebox