Looking for ways to sponsor Black Girls Hack? You’re arrived at the correct place! Please email tennisha@blackgirlshack.org for descriptions of each of the opportunities for sponsorship

Certified Authorization Professional Accelerator Program (8 Weeks) $15,000 per cohort. Includes Instructor, Book, and Certification Voucher for 20 students.

Certified Ethical Hacker Accelerator Program ( 18 Weeks) $13,000 per cohort (Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 have completed. Cohort 3 is funded and will begin in October 2022.)Includes Instructor, Book, Lab, and Certification Voucher for 10 students.

BlackKidsHack Program (1 Semester) $17,000 Semester long Cybersecurity Immersion Program. Includes 2 instructors, Security + Lab, Coursework, Security+ certification vouchers. This program is for 30 young adults in 10-12th grade.

Girls Hack Village Sponsorship ($10,000-$50,000) per event. Sponsorship Kit Available for DefCon or other conference.

Sponsor a Hacker for Hacker Summer Camp Scholarship ($2000) per hacker and includes roundtrip travel to and from Las Vegas, Hotel accommodations and resort fees. and Conference Ticket

Protect the Pi In Person Workshop ($15,000) includes two instructors, raspberry pi computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse for students 6 hours of ethical hacking instruction, and a Capture the Flag Event. This program is for 20 young adults in 10-12th grade.