Girls Hack Village

Girls Hack Village is a conference village imagined for DefCon 31. Girls Hack Village seeks to bring gender-diverse perspectives of the contributions, perspectives, and issues facing women/girl hackers. It is a space to discuss issues affecting girls in cybersecurity and will include Talks, Workshops, Discussions, and Panels.

Our village is designed to highlight the contributions and experiences of girls in cybersecurity. Women are underrepresented in cybersecurity and our goal is to highlight the female experience in Cybersecurity. Women are traditionally underrepresented at many cybersecurity conferences and girls hack village will give attendees the opportunity to learn about cybersecurity and hacking in a gender-friendly place.

GirlsHackVillage seeks to highlight the female experience as researchers, hackers, engineers, and pentesters within the cybersecurity industry. Our village highlights how the lack of gender equality in the field affects the culture and the experience of women in the industry. We will highlight the contributions of girls/women in the field and discuss how they’ve shaped and contributed to the cyber community.

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Call For Proposal

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BlackGirlsHack has partnered with Black Hat USA and was gifted 25 Expo Passes to attend in person or virtually. Thank you once again to Black Hat for your generous contribution and we look forward to hopefully partnering with you again for Black Hat 2023.